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Tech trends that are changing the Food Industry

Tech trends that are changing the Food Industry

In the last few years, technology has reconstructed the way people interact with each other, buy goods or even to get their jobs done. It won’t be a surprise that technology would change the way that we eat too.

Technology has developed in such a way that the resources available than ever before help people choose easier, healthier, affordable, food options. There are products that include mobile apps to connect users to virtual nutritionists and devices that can screen food for allergies or nutrition. Many biomedical researchers and chefs are coming up with vegan, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional foods.

Also, globally established companies are investing in startups that are building the future of food and delivery.

So, the kind of tech trends that are bringing a new perspective to the food industry are –


Food delivery platforms



There has been an explosion of Food delivery platforms like Zomato, Ubereats, Swiggy etc. In the recent years, it has been proven that these applications are opening up doors for more restaurants to tap into this consumer demand. And with personalization options, it boosts the brand loyalty and plays a major role in whether restaurants can attract, retain and manage the needs of hungry patrons.

Once customers sign up, 75 percent of them hardly switch to any other platform, creating a strong winner-take-all dynamic, in which the reward goes to the player who can get most customers to sign up in the shortest amount of time.

The culture of easy home delivery definitely makes our lives better.


Artificial Intelligence



AI is making its way into our food system in a big way. Soon you won’t be surprised to see robots whirring around your favourite restaurants with delivering your order, clearing up the scraps or getting your checks. The user – friendly applications will be used to instruct and control the robots. This will save a lot of time and will help the serves to interact and understand the customer better.

The need for quickly plating, taking you through the recipes, or simply flipping burgers by the robots or a voice assistant can help cook and servers give better output at the same time.

The food industry is focusing on Artificial Intelligence to use it as a tool for storing and developing delicious, memorable foods that would be a useful investment.

This technology can also be beneficial in predicting restaurant ordering or grocery deliveries.



Companies are reinventing food packaging for it to be high quality and environmentally friendly. High-quality packaging is expensive. Whereas low-quality packaging is unsafe for the subscribers as well as the environment.

They are tackling this challenge by reinventing packaging altogether. Eco – friendly packaging which is biodegradable, recycled or reusable are encouraged more to be used.

For example – With keeping in mind the environmental impacts the companies have introduced environmental friendly freezers for packaging their orders or meal kits. These ice packs that are filled with non- toxic salt solution or water and cotton, which can either be reused for takeaways or can be dissolved and compost instead of dumping them with each order.




Blockchain technology is used for collecting and sharing information across a network of users in virtual space. It allows users to scan all transactions that are addressing to the lack of transparency in lots of industries including Food Industry.

With blockchain technology, the entire chain can be more responsive to any food safety disasters and no more trusting the third – parties to connect participants would be needed. It would also allow everyone to be paid more quickly from farm to plate. 

This technology can be helpful to trace advantageous for everyone in the industry. When outbreaks of foodborne illness occur, the restaurants or grocery stores that served the food are often left wringing their hands, promising to get to the bottom of it.

While blockchain technology is in its infancy, it’s worth watching.

The technology does appear to be unsettling the norms to which we have become accustomed but at the same time, it is definitely reshaping the market.


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