Do social media ads work? - The Deep Diver
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Do social media ads work?

social media ads

Do social media ads work?

Do social media ads work?

People doubt. People spending money doubt exponentially more.

To remedy these doubts, we – at BrandzGarage – usually bring up one of the many case studies where our use of social media ads caused a visible growth in the awareness and curiosity of the people for the client’s brand.

It’s a mainstream doubt that every client has without exceptions. After all, it’s valid to have reservations when you believe you are about to waste your hard-earned capital on something so intangible and puerile as social media when you can use that money to raise titanic industries and pursue your dream of total capitalist dominati-ahem.

What’s omelettes got to do with Social Media ads?

Let’s take an omelette seller for example:

Case Bob:

  1. You buy 10 eggs as investment
  2. Then make omelettes with all the eggs
  3. You keep part of the profits & invest the rest of it into buying 12 eggs
  4. Rinse & repeat to make a business

Case Jack:

  1. You buy 10 eggs as investment
  2. But now you make omelettes with 8 eggs to build your business
  3. And raise the chicks from the 2 eggs to build up your own supply of eggs in time
  4. Over time you now possess your very own source of eggs & a business

A ridiculous buildup as far as examples go but interpret the egg distribution as spending to create more & better outlets in Bob’s case in contrast to keeping aside part of the revenue for actually acquiring customers to fill those outlets and you end up with the far more efficient case of Jack.

Any expert will tell you that Jack is the smart guy here.

But we imagine you are paranoid and think the experts to be moustachioed top-hat donning villains in league with the ongoing ad-conspiracy and so we shall whack you in the face with the metaphorical glove of facts:

  1. Back in September of 2015, Forbes wrote that the global ad industry is worth $600 billion.
  2. Last year emarketer (coincidentally, also the source that Forbes cited for their multi-billion dollar claim) reported that the media ad spend itself will reach $628 billion.
  3. Mobile ads dominate more than two-thirds of the ad spend.
  4. People spend a third of their time online on social media.
  5. 58% of people access the web through mobile.
  6. However, 96% of Facebook users log in through mobiles.
  7. Facebook has the most monthly active users at 2.23 billion.

What an experienced deducer (made up word FYI) would gain from these statistics is simply this: social media is where the people are!

And judging by the stupendous growth in ad spend over just 4 short years, some very affluent gentry believe this to be the right place to set up their stalls.

Social media ads are profitable
Social media ads are profitable

The value of social media ads

While we could give a more in-depth view of the social media ads ecosystem and how to best make use of it, let’s instead chat about why it’s a very sensible next step for your business:

  1. The very basic need is you reach more people on social media.

    With the dawn of the information age & diagnosed social anxiety, people yearn to keep their attention firmly on their mobile screens. And guess what we established they do a lot on their mobiles? That’s right, social media becomes the filter through which we view the rest of the world.

    In this cacophony, social media ads get a front and centre seat to the content that the user consumes.

  2. You don’t need a big budget when you’re advertising on social media.

    You can of course skip paying for viewership but the organic reach you have on social media is often somewhat proportional to the quality of your content and your efforts to spread it far and wide, and with the burgeoning awareness of the value of this unsuspecting market to greedy, slobbering corporates, it’s mostly reduced to spinning an erratic wheel of fortune.

  3. Worry not however, as you can continue to pay media platforms to benefit from their ill-gotten customer data for precise, niche customer targeting. Want atheists under the age of 40 to check out your newest heresy? With social media, you can!

  4. But wait, there’s more! With PPC, you only pay if and when an ad-viewer takes a certain action. This is usually in the form of call-to-action buttons that transport you to the land of Brokeville. That’s what those delectable Click Me buttons are there for.

  5. Chances are dear reader, I’ve never heard of your brand. Hidden and localized as it is by paltry things as geography and market noise. Welp, here’s another place you scream yourself raw praising your lofty deeds and raising Brand awareness. Gratifying, isn’t it?


    Need people who know people you know to know you for that great new thing you just launched and want to market? And how about the people who know those people.

    With that teensy little share button now linked across the entirety of a person’s online media presence, your friends/followers/minions can now rocket you into corporate godhood by repeatedly mashing their fanatical mugs on the nearest trackpad. So with the right targeting, your ad can blow up into a plethora of new business for you.

  7. Are you a micromanager? Do you want to control every aspect of your business just so?
    Introducing, sOcIaL – hurk – mEdiA where you can run sponsored ads and run a survey on how those ads are faring.

    Above all, this is a goldmine spawning performance marketing industries across the globe and answering our eponymous question with Maths.

And there you have it, reasons to believe in the legitimacy of social media ads. To be honest, there are more points I can tack on to that list but I know you are most probably a spam bot spreading outbound links to further advertise your page. Not really? Well, I guess you might be interested in tuning in next time to know What makes a social media ad?

Hi there! Want to benefit from the many doors social media ads open for you? We can most definitely help you with you with that. Get in touch with us at or find us on to know how you can leverage your business with the spectacular power of social media ads on your side.


Saquib holds 8 years of experience in product, marketing and business analysis. He is the Founder and CEO of BrandzGarage and CPO of The Moustache Laundry.

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