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9 Web Design Trends of 2019 That Work

web design trends 2019

9 Web Design Trends of 2019 That Work

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Web design trends of 2019 are spectacular, to say the least. Web design is one of the most important elements of any website. It grabs attention and captures your target audiences interests. In the information age, our argument has changed from whether or not you should have a business website, to how you should design it so that you stand out from the crowd.

A website includes visual as well as functional aspects. So while creating your web design, it is essential to balance out both. You want to make sure you don’t go completely functional where you’re all business and no fun at all. If your website doesn’t have engaging visual elements, visitors might just leave without bothering to find out more about your product or service.

As with everything else in the world, tastes and preferences will continue to change with time. There are many web design trends out there; choosing one that suits your business is a matter of how well you incorporate your products, services, mission and vision into the layout of the website.

We have compiled a list of some of the most modern and futuristic approaches to designing websites for you to gain maximum benefit out of them.

Strong Typography Design

Written text, if not presented in a well thought out manner can be boring. Graphic designers often struggle with web design due to limited typography options.

Typography design for websites

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This is all changing thanks to CSS Grid and Flexbox. Now web developers can design complex and responsive layouts more easily. This enables designers to integrate print like designs and play around with multiple typefaces to create a visual appeal that represents your business values.

Using strong typography with deformations and all sorts of effects can enhance the way you communicate with your audience.

Visual Storytelling Website

Nothing in this world engages people more than stories. A story is an extremely powerful tool if used in the right way. It can be used to convey a certain message, build trust and evoke particular emotions within us.

Visual Storytelling Web Design trends 2019

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The reason people have started building stories in their web designs is that they’re much easier to remember and digest for the human brain. It creates an impact on the viewer’s mind. Visual storytelling is not about reducing the text and increasing imagery, but rather using visual aspects to explain an abstract or tough to understand characteristic about your business in a simple way so that anyone can apprehend it.

ADD Design

ADD stands for ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’. This design approach is not specifically for people suffering from ADD, but rather an approach that caters to people with short attention spans. Which seems like the majority of our population right now. This is a result of being in the information age, where we’re continuously bombarded with all sorts of stimuli from the internet and our devices. Consequently, this has led to a situation where our tolerance to consume content has dropped significantly.

ADD design trend 2019

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Keeping these factors in mind, an ADD design is built in a way that requires minimum attention to consume the information. Simple, yet visually attractive graphics with to the point text. Additional details can always be expanded into other pages for the visitor wishes to know more about your business.

Self-Identification Design

An individual visiting websites is always a person searching for something. They could be looking for one particular thing or many different things.

Self-Identification website Design trend 2019

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A self-identification design is such that it helps the visitor easily identify what they’re trying to find on the website. For example, on an event website, some people would be looking to find details about the event, while some about the artists and others to buy tickets.

Being able to recognize all types of visitors your business might have and designing your website in a way that these users easily find what they are looking for is the key to a good self-identification design.

Illustration Web Design

Illustration based web designs have become all the rage. Many startups nowadays seem to have these fun funky flat designs with small cartoony figures running all over their website. But who can blame them? We love it as much as they do! These simple yet aesthetically pleasing designs tend to capture attention immediately.

Vector Illustration design trends

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Illustrative web designs are extremely powerful to engage with the audience if incorporated smartly. They are currently in heavy demand and a trend that does not seem to be going anywhere soon. It might fall off in the future, but it’ll probably evolve into better versions and styles.


Micro-Animation is an up and coming web design style. It is slowly and steadily gaining more popularity all over the world. This approach to design involves incorporating small animations throughout your website. These can be simple visual elements or you can use them for particular purposes to act as interactive features to help a visitor navigate their way on the website.

Micro-animation web design trends

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Remember one thing, small animations do not necessarily mean they are not significant. They can be extremely useful if utilised correctly. Recently web design trends among many e-commerce companies are to use micro-animations to show the different ways in which a product would look like in real life by incorporating a looping gif or other kinds of animations.

Marketing First Design

You probably understand by reading the title that this is a more functional design approach rather than a visual one. This particular web design is for those who care a lot about generating leads from their website visitors.

92% of first-time visitors on your website are not going to be ready to buy from you according to Episerver. So what do you do about this missed opportunity? In these kinds of scenarios, it is always smart to have one or two lead capturing assets on your website, so you can continue marketing yourself to these potential customers.

Certain widgets or features that you can use to capture email addresses of your visitors include:

  1. A newsletter signup form
  2. A downloadable eBook in exchange for an email address
  3. A quiz or a relevant survey
  4. Chatbots that offer discount codes
Marketing first approach website layout

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An important thing to remember is that a visitor will not provide you with their email id if you do not provide them with any relevant value in exchange or if you’re not able to build trust with them.

Organic Shapes in Web Design

Organic shapes are those that appear naturally. As compared to geometric shapes, they do not have perfect and uniform measurements.

This new fun and quirky use of organic shapes in web design brings a refreshing change to the mundane world of rigid geometric designs. This has become a significant part of web design trends in 2019. This particular trend is a major part of UI/UX design.

Organic shapes web design trends

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The organic shapes are also known as fluid designs due to the way they can break sections of a website without actually breaking them. While lines and angles are very rigid structures that separate segments in a distinct and clear way, organic shapes can be used in many different and creative ways to build a unique flow of information so as to make it more pleasing for the viewer.

These web designs are especially great to use in the background.

Video Web Design

This one should not come as a surprise; Video has proven to be one of the most interactive and engaging formats to be used by marketers. People just seem to love them! With progress in web development technology, it is now possible to integrate videos into websites making them even more interactive.

Using video in website background

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But remember, you cannot just use any video anywhere on your website. The video needs to have meaning and serve a purpose for being in that particular spot. That is what smart video is all about; Contextualizing your video with other content on your website for you to gain maximum leverage out of it.

If you enjoyed reading this article about web design trends, do check out the BrandzGarage website and let us help you build an amazing website for your business.

Gourav Acharya

Content writer by profession and a storyteller at heart. Stay tuned to get some amazing stories of digital marketing, technology and design.

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