What Content Marketing in 2020 Will Look like - The Deep Diver
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What Content Marketing in 2020 Will Look like

What Content Marketing in 2020 Will Look like

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Content marketing has become the name of the game. Brand’s have identified that putting out content is crucial to increase their visibility & recognition amidst the heavy competition in the market. Content marketing in 2020 will see a ton of improvements and improvisations.

It is evolving very quickly, with new methods, techniques and strategies being developed for content creation every day. The dynamic nature of content marketing requires you to stay in the know of the latest trends and opportunities.

For this very reason, we have curated a list of some of the latest updates in content marketing that might become huge in 2020.

Increased Brand Collaboration

Brand collaboration will play a big part in content creation for marketing

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Brand collaborations have always been a great way to promote, educate and inspire audiences in ways that would not be possible by one brand itself. It gives endless possibilities and leads to both the parties benefitting out of each other’s networks.

Great examples from the past would include:

  • GoPro and RedBulls collaboration of the Stratos Project
  • Uber collaborating with Spotify and Pandora to let customers play their favourite playlists during their ride

Brands have collaborated in many other amazing ways before. But now that content marketing has become extremely popular, the future will most definitely see a rise in brand partnerships for content.

‘Live Video’ Feature on Social Media Platforms

With the power of the internet and advancement in its capabilities, we finally have easy and cheap access to the internet with good bandwidth which lets people stream live videos without buffering.

live videos for content marketing in 2020

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All the big social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more have the ‘Live Video’ feature and have been pushing it since. If you use any of the platforms, you might have noticed that whenever someone goes live, a notification alert is sent to you immediately and is always shown at the top of your feed.

Live videos are slowly becoming the next most used form of interactive content. Being able to engage and communicate through video in real-time gives a personal touch that brands can utilise to build a deeper relationship with audiences.

Moment Marketing, but Not Every Moment!

Moment marketing has taken the world of branding by storm. Many companies have aced this method and have created wonderful campaigns. One such example being Dunzo. Topical ads act as a great way to gain traction and to build content.

moment marketing will grow as a means of content marketing in 2020

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NOTE: Hoping on the topical marketing train is great, but make sure not to overdo it. Moments in time will come and go; But do you want your product, service or brand to be attached to trends that will pass away? Surely not! You need to make sure there is a balance between what you portray your brand identity to be, and what people perceive you as.

Refreshing Old Content

Many content marketers and businesses alike tend to make the mistake of thinking that they need to continuously create new content. Making new content is important, but so is repurposing the old ones. With the immense amount of competition out there, you’ll need a breather in between to think and come up with new good content.

content marketing in 2020 will see a lot of brands repurpose old content

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As you grow your business, you will gain a larger audience. A larger audience means a lot of new people. New people who have most likely not come across your old content. At this point, you shouldn’t be afraid to reuse past content. You’d be surprised to see how much people enjoy and engage with it. This includes tuning old social media content to repost, updating blogs & articles according to recent updates and using old videos.

Utilizing a Content Pyramid

As the race to create and deploy content across multiple channels continues, marketers are finding it more and more tough to persistently churn out content without burning out.(Having a tough time coming up with design content ideas? Check out this blog which will help you come up with simple ways to get creative ideas.)

Thanks to Gary Vaynerchuck who has made the ‘Content Pyramid’ structure famous to create content effectively and efficiently. Moving forward, utilizing this strategy will be very beneficial for many people.

the gary vee content model

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The content pyramid is a reverse pyramid that revolves around long-form ‘pillar content’. This pillar content can be a video or audio recording. The pillar is then divided into smaller pieces of micro-content to distribute across various channels. This allows you to focus on making one good quality piece of content at a time that can be repurposed and shared across verticals to grab peoples attention and pull them towards the main pillar content. The content pyramid is definitely a strategy that will be adopted by many brands in the future.

Even though we can’t predict the future, we can’t wait to see how our predictions play out. Have any other content marketing predictions? Share it with us in the comments below.

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Gourav Acharya

Content writer by profession and a storyteller at heart. Stay tuned to get some amazing stories of digital marketing, technology and design.

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